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Exclusive signwriting starter kit from Gold Leaf Supplies

I still can't quite believe as I am writing this that I have my own 'Buck & Bear Signwriting Kit' available exclusively through Gold Leaf Supplies.

I have been purchasing through GLS (Gold Leaf Supplies) since I first started gilding over 4 years ago, the team are so helpful, knowledgeable and friendly.

The items in the kit will give you a good foundation for all the tools you will need for traditional signwriting and painting on glass. You can even combine them with the items in their other kits. Using a Glass Gilding Kit along with this kit will to allow you to create fabulous personal artwork and traditional reverse gilded pieces combining paint and gold leaf.

The kit contains:

  • Sable Chisel Writers, 1 x No. 1 and 1 x No. 5 - These sable haired brushes are the traditional tools of the trade. The bristles are genuine Sable hair formed to a chisel point, used for broad strokes and narrow lines. Perfect for straight lines and sharp edges.

  • Aluminium Mahl Stick - This metal stick will support your arm away from the work while you're painting. This helps reduce fatigue and stops you smudging your paint! The rod unscrews into three small sections, letting it easily fit into your storage box. Also, the rubber head won't damage your surface when rested on it!

  • 1-Shot Signwriting Enamel, 1 x 118ml Black and 1 x 118ml Magenta - 1-Shot Enamel Paints are the last word in signwriting and pinstriping paint and this American brand has a respected pedigree. The two paints included will form the basis for your sign painting and if you want more colours, Gold Leaf Supplies stock the whole 1-Shot range!

  • Neatsfoot Oil, 1 x 250ml - This oil is used to care for your brushes by oiling them, preserving the hair between uses and alleviating build up of paint pigment in the ferrule. Neatsfoot Oil is non-drying but can be easily washed out of the bristles before use by using a solvent.

  • Charcoal - Fine quality artists charcoal that can be used to mark out your painting before you start and is easy to remove!

  • Low-tack Tape, 1 x 6mm roll - This yellow paper backed tape is great for masking out straight lines for your pieces and the low tack adhesive will cleanly peel off most surfaces and leave no residue behind.

  • Paper Dipper Pots - This kit also includes 10 paper disposable dipper pots, these are perfect for decanting a small amount of paint and white spirits into, rather than working out of a paint pot and risking contaminating the lot! The small size means you can balance them on your palette while you work and easily dip your brush in when you need more paint!

Having taught myself traditional signwriting throughout my gilding journey, I made a lot of expensive mistakes in buying materials which weren't quite right for the job, but with this kit you can be certain you have the exact items you need to begin your own sign painting journey.

The kit can only be purchased directly from Gold Leaf Supplies via this link.

A few examples below of some signwriting completed with the use of: Mahl stick, Chisel Writer, 1-Shot enamel, Low tack tape and charcoal.

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