Modern Calligraphy Starter Kit containing everything you need to get started. I’ve sourced the best supplies to save you the trouble of doing the search on your own, and included a learning guide along with practice sheets.


This set includes:


- a full learning guide to get you started, with a guide on how to use your new kit, setting up, examples to copy and exercises to practice. This is a printed version, not digital.

- an oblique holder

- a Nikko G nib

- Higgins black ink in a pot

- ruled guide paper

- practice stroke guide

- lower case alphabet to practice

- upper case alphabet to practice

- full practice A4 paper pad, smooth white bleed-proof paper, so you can place your guide paper underneath

- 4 gift tags to use once you’ve mastered your style


Perfect as a gift or for anyone wanting to learn modern calligraphy with a great starter kit which includes the best products.


This beginners modern calligraphy kit and guide will introduce you to modern calligraphy. It will then explain how to hold and use your calligraphy dip pen, before moving on to basic strokes and alphabets. Once you've got the hang of it, there are examples of how to join letters and then words for you to copy and practice. This calligraphy starter kit for beginners would make a great gift, or a hobby kit for someone looking to learn a new skill or learn modern calligraphy. The calligraphy workbook comes with practice sheets, drill sheets and a whole modern calligraphy alphabet including upper and lower case letters.

Beginners guide to modern calligraphy with full starter kit


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