Modern calligraphy guide for beginners


Everything you need to know to learn modern calligraphy at a beginners stage.


This PDF guide includes the following:


Information on what kit to purchase and where to get it from

A whole section on getting started, including what to do when using a new nib for the first time, how to use a dip pen, holding the pen, choosing a holder.


Drill sheets and guide sheets


Explanations on the strokes that make up the letters, with a guide on how to do those strokes with arrows to direct you


A lowercase and an uppercase alphabet to copy


How to join letters


Other useful information on essential kit


All in all there are 14 pages of in-depth information


I can print this guide and post it to you at an extra cost if you do not have a printer - just send me a message.



This is an instant download of a guide to beginners modern calligraphy, it includes calligraphy practice sheets with hand lettering worksheets too.


Why not buy this to learn wedding calligraphy and make your own calligraphy wedding invitations? Learn calligraphy with this digital download, learn a new skill with a full guide and how to.

Modern Calligraphy Guide for Beginners


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