Modern calligraphy wedding place names in metallic rose gold ink on clear vellum with rose gold speckles.

Each place name is hand-written in this modern calligraphy style on a beautiful smooth clear transparent vellum paper.

Other option includes grey card with metallic rose gold calligraphy.


Simply message me with the list of names to be written on the wedding name place cards once the order is placed - remember to include ones for yourselves i.e Bride. Please double check all the information and spelling is correct when you send it over.

These vellum wedding place names are hand made by Buck and Bear in the UK, near Cambridge and London. These wedding place name cards are part of our luxury stationery range and are custom made and personalised. Calligraphy wedding place cards made with vellum or grey card are for wedding table decor for a grey or rose gold themed wedding

Rose gold vellum wedding place names


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