Tequila sign with a hand painted marble background and painted letters with 23.5ct gold leaf, eclectic wall art made with real 23.5ct gold leaf and reverse gilded onto the back of a thick piece of glass. Glass meaures 30cm x 12cm. Letters include white abalone shell in white glitter.


This is made to order, please allow two to four weeks for production and delivery. This listing has the option to come framed, if unframed you will also receive four wall brackets which lip over the front.


Ideal if you're after personalised bar signs or custom bar signs made in the UK. This could be a personalised pub sign which ties in with 2020 home decor trends.


Made completely by hand, this modern eclectic wall art is great for a garden bar sign. Made by Buck and Bear in the UK, near Cambridge and London, design studio specialising in gilding with gold leaf, reverse glass gilding and gold leaf glass art with living room decor 2020 in mind.

Tequila lover gold sign on glass


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