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Are you a small business who needs help with social media? 
Book in for a social media audit

A social media audit and overview can be a great way to improve your small business's online presence and attract more customers.

By analyzing your current social media strategy and identifying areas for improvement, you can create a cohesive and effective approach that will help you grow your business.

Let me help you level up your social media

As an individual who has grown a business audience to reach over 250k potential clients per month, I now want to help other small businesses grow their brand online through social media.


I’m offering a social media audit to anyone with a business presence online. This will be an initial one hour meeting, in person or online, to review your social media. We will go through your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Pinterest, giving you quick and easy actions to instantly improve your channels.


We will take a look at your bio, your about sections, where your business is showing up online, what you post and how you post, hashtags and more.


So many social media coaches offer online courses which are not tailored to you and your business, we’ve all fallen for the ‘this is everything you can get which is worth over £750 for only £20!’ from someone offering a quick fix, only to download a generic PDF which tells you to take better photos. This is not what i am offering.

I want to audit your social channels to give you a very quick and easy insight into what and how to improve.


Feel free to have a look at my own social media, my Instagram is @buck_and_bear_design - i’ve grown and audience of over 14k and create posts which are engaging, but I also have a cohesive online presence wherever you look. This is what i want to help small businesses achieve.


Whether you own a beauty salon, work as an electrician, run a design business or have a brand with products, i want to work with you!


I want to meet one-on-one with small business owners, whether locally in the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk area in person, or further afield with an online meeting. This will give you a personal plan of how to move forward with a clearer brand message on all your social channels.


Please use the form below to book in for an in-person one-hour meeting, or an online Zoom/Teams.

The total cost is £50.

Before we meet I will ask you to send me a list of all your social media links and channels. 



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