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About Buck & Bear Design,
Carlie Allan:

Cambridgeshire traditional signwriter,
mural painter and gold leaf gilder

I have a serious passion for lettering and gilding with gold leaf! 


I trained as a Graphic Designer at University, and then went on to learn traditional signwriting and gold leaf gilding. I am so fortunate to be able call this my job and enjoy projects such as being a part of the season finale of the BBC1 Interior Design Masters with Alan Carr, painting a mural on the Channel 5 show Dream Home Makeovers with Sophie Robinson and had a sign commissioned for Channel 4’s George Clark’s Old House New Home.


I offer specialist knowledge and skill and have experience in working with both interior designers and directly with clients.


I offer free quotes, a deposit/payment scheme and digital mock ups of the artwork, I will walk you through each stage of the process before we start so you know exactly what to expect. Mostly i work on anything from residential house numbers to commercial fully glass gold leaf gilded shop windows and interior painted wall murals along with exterior hand painted shop facias.


Gilding is a decorative technique of applying gold leaf to a surface by way of oil gilding, water gilding or acrylic gilding. I use 23ct gold leaf in all my glass gilding, and can offer dutch metal for interior wall murals and projects. 


Buck & Bear Design offers gilding, decorative art services and specialist decoration throughout East Anglia, London and the South East. Please email to discuss any project, large or small and we can arrange a phone call to go through the details.


I started Buck & Bear Design after my husbands good friend Bertie Buck suddenly passed away at 29 years old, I was on the brink of turning 30 myself, and it was the reality check I needed to do something bigger with my life.


Queue starting my own business, I muddled through the first year with no idea what I was doing, mainly focusing on wedding stationery, and then went and learnt how to gold leaf gild and become a traditional sign painter.


Four years on and i’ve never been happier, i get to be creative every day, i’ve met some amazing people and been a part of some incredible projects which i never dreamed possible.


I’m so proud of the brand that i’ve built, i love to create art on glass as its a sustainable practice, all my frames are wooden, all pieces are glass, and all packaging is re-used and re-purposed.


My favourite part of my job is speaking with clients, and hearing their visions for a bespoke commission, and then being able to bring it to life.


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