Traditional Signwriting & gilding in the UK

Signwriter at Buck & Bear

Covers shop fronts, shop windows, residential fanlight/transom front door numbers in Cambridgeshire, Suffolk and Norfolk

What is sign writing?

Sign writing is a traditional technique of hand painting letters onto a shop front board or window. This skilled trade is becoming less seen on our high streets with the introduction of vinyl and printed signs. Traditional hand painted lettering on shop fronts is long lasting, beautifully designed and stands out against all those shop fronts which look the same.


The introduction of gold leaf into sign writing produces a stunning high-end finish. Gilding with gold leaf is available on shop windows, produced on the inside of the glass by reverse glass gilding. Gold leaf is also available on wooden shop front boards, incorporated with hand painted lettering.

If you're looking for shop front sign writing and design in Cambridge or surrounding areas please send me an email to discuss your needs. Available for shop window display and shop window signwriting as well as shop logo painting.

Front door number design

Also available for house fanlight/transom window painting (the glass window above a front door, usually in Victorian style homes). Fanlight number and letter painting available in home in Cambridge/Cambridgeshie, Suffolk and Norfolk. If you need a piece of glass to fit in a fanlight and would like it gilded and painted i can produce and post these throughout the UK. 

Fully insured to carry out this work in the UK