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Custom glass signs, framed original artwork
made with 23ct gold leaf and prints

Gold leaf glass wall art made by hand painting and gilding onto the back of glass, known as reverse glass gilding (verre eglomise). Pieces are custom made to order and use 23ct gold leaf, if you have a bespoke sign in mind just send me an email, I offer all clients the option to pay a deposit.

There is also a mixture of one-off, hand-painted original art pieces and printed typography posters which are in stock and ready to be posted.

Perfect pieces to mark a celebration like an anniversary (third wedding anniversary is glass), 50th anniversary gifts are gold (perfect for a gold leaf sign!), or big birthday, a keepsake, memento or memorabilia for a music lover.​

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Commissioning a glass gold leaf sign

Pay a £75 deposit, decide a size

Design and Digital mock up agreed

Sign hand painted, gilded, abalone shell added, framed

Balance paid, sign shipped


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What is gilding?

Gilding is the process of applying gold leaf to a surface. The area i specialise in is glass gilding which is also known as Verre Eglomise or reverse glass gilding.

Reverse glass gilding uses a specific type of adhesive known as ‘size’. This is applied to the glass surface with gold leaf then laid on immediately using a squirrel tip, and then left to dry.

All the gold leaf is applied to the back of the glass, once dried it is then painted on. By painting on the back of the gold leaf it seals it. Once the paint is dry, you can wipe away the excess gold, leaving your artwork showing in gold leaf from the front of the glass.

I also offer gilding and painting of house numbers and names, so if you're looking for a gold leaf fan light window number in Cambridgeshire / Suffolk / Norfolk just send me an email.


I also offer shop front sign painting, and shop window painting, so if you're after a traditional sign writer in those areas above send me an email.

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