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Gold Leaf gilding and wall murals in the UK

Gold leaf glass gilding  

Professional glass and window gilding services throughout the UK, perfect for shop window displays, shop names and logos. All hand gilded onto the reverse of the glass and backed up and varnished, using genuine Italian 23ct gold leaf, i offer this service throught the South East of England, recent projects include Tunbridge Wells, Cambridge and London. Perfect for creating a stunning window display in restaurants, bars and shop fascias. Also offering 'pub style' vintage looking mirrors and glass pieces.

Gold leaf gilded ceiling by Buck & Bear in Cambridge

Gold leaf surface gilding

Professional gilding services throughout the UK, oil-based gilding for large scale projects, for example historical buildings like museums, colleges, universities in need of traditional gold leaf gilding indoors or exteriors. Available for cornice, dome and spire gilding to a luxury high grade finish with 23ct gold leaf. Interior gilding includes gold leaf walls and gold leaf ceilings. Pictured here: Gold leaf ceiling and gold leaf gilded bar.


Commercial and residential wall murals

and gold leaf wall murals

Available for all UK based hand painted wall murals in offices, shops, stores, community spaces, ideal for shop decor or luxury beauty salon wall decor ideas. In a world of social media a modern wall mural can create a great selfie wall in-store. (Floral gold wall mural pictured is based in Creo London offices, designed by Bland Design, painted and gilded by Bland Design and assisted by myself. Photo by Creo London.) Chatelaine photo in the gorgeous home of Siobhan at @Interiorcurve on Instagram. Recent commercial work includes hand painted lettering and murals in the Leeds offices of Channel 4's Steph's Packed Lunch, as pictured.

Residential gold leaf, signs & front door number design

House fanlight/transom window painting (the glass window above a front door, usually in Victorian style homes). Fanlight number and letter painting available in home in Cambridge/Cambridgeshie, Suffolk and Norfolk. If you need a piece of glass to fit in a fanlight and would like it gilded and painted i can produce and post these throughout the UK. Fully insured to carry out this work in the UK.

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