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BBC 1 Interior Design Masters feature

Last summer I was lucky enough to join team Banjo on Interior Design Masters for a few days for the season finale with Bland Design, and it's been so hard to keep it a secret! Scroll below for some behind the scenes photos.

Myself and Daniel worked on his design for the huge copper gilded door in the main room, plus the copper gilded bar downstairs. I also got to paint some super cool signs featuring the William Morris wallpaper which were used in the lobby, quoting 'Coffee, Comedy, Cocktails' next to my copper gilded 'Box Office' wording and also a giant mirror with the quote 'You look like you need a drink'.

Banjo had brought along Molly to help in the finale and together they were an amazing team, both were an absolute pleasure and an inspiration to work with. It was a whirlwind of a few days at 21 Soho in London, i've never experienced anything like it, seeing everything that goes into a tv production behind the scenes was amazing! And of course my personal highlight of meeting Alan Carr (yes i had a massive fan girl moment!)

Below are some photos of the process and the finished pieces which Bland Design and myself created over the few days working for the show. I have also produced some gold foil posters with a coffee quote and cocktails quote similar to those i created for the show - head to the shop to see these.

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