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Hand painted mural celebrates 100 years of Jesus Green Lido

Article written by Becky Allen

If you’re waiting for the water to warm up before visiting the Lido, our new centenary sign is an added incentive to get back in the swim.

Hand painted in black and gold on the wall opposite the entrance, the sign tells everyone that Jesus Green Lido is celebrating its centenary this summer.

The sign was designed and painted by Carlie Allan of Buck & Bear, Newmarket, who chose the lettering and colour scheme to reflect the Lido’s 1920s heritage.

Working on site in early May, Carlie loved the Lido’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere. “It’s a beautiful site to work at. I loved being outside and listening to the chatter of the swimmers.

“There’s clearly a community of people who swim here often and know each other. Swimmers came to talk to me and take photos – it’s lovely to have your work appreciated,” she says.

Her work spans hand-painted, gilded shopfront signs as well as large murals for commercial and residential clients, and has been featured on BBC1’s Interior Design Masters and Channel 4’s Old House New Home, but working at the Lido was a first.

“I really wanted to take on this project as it was such a community-driven idea. I’ve always lived in Cambridgeshire, so I love the idea of being part of something ‘Cambridge’ and celebrating the Lido’s history and centenary. Being part of something iconic, historic and much-loved is the best feeling.”

Article written by Becky Allen

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