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What is gold leaf gilding and how does it fit into my home?

Updated: May 25, 2022

What is glass gilding?

Gilding is an endangered craft, it is also known as verre eglomise and it uses real gold leaf applied to the reverse of glass to create stunning, original glass decor. There are other forms of gilding which include using precious metals on surfaces such as wood and metal. The gold leaf is applied to glass using a liquid called ‘size’, most gilders use a high grade genuine gold like 23ct gold leaf and above for the highest quality results.

Gold leaf glass art is used for glass wall decor, amongst many other uses, it can be used all around the home on any glass, like kitchen splashbacks, worktops and more, and it creates incredible results - check out for his amazing gilding around the home.

In this article we are looking at wall decor and how gold leaf art can fit into your style. When purchasing art for your house, buy something you love! The best thing about an eclectic style is that anything goes. A lot of modern home decor nowadays is very similar, with so many companies producing prints and posters, which is what makes gilding so special, it’s completely unique and not mass-produced art. Gilded glass signs can be made in any design to compliment your home style and are all handmade and bespoke.

If you’re not sure where to start looking for eclectic wall art or even where to buy home decor online, try searching for inspirational quotes or words that you like, try searching ‘quote wall decor’ or ‘inspirational wall decor’, or think about what room you are decorating, for example you could look for ‘bedroom decor ideas’ or ‘eclectic art for gallery wall decor’. There are so many independent businesses out there producing really lovely custom artwork, i usually find Instagram a great place to find inspiration and local artists.

Gold decor is so timeless and classic, and gilding fits right in to that with it being an historical skill which is now on the endangered crafts list. I am so proud to have learnt the craft and now practice daily with my gold leaf signs as a commissioned artist, so if you are looking to commission art in the UK please do get in touch.

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Buck and Bear is based near Cambridge and London in the UK. My online shop has all kinds of gold leaf signs so whether you’re after Inspirational decor, Modern wall decor, Gold home decor or Gallery wall art there’s something there for everyone.

Find more information on the endangered craft of gilding here:

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