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Traditional Signwriting work by Buck & Bear Design

Recently i have worked on some amazing projects throughout the south east of England. I wanted to share some of my most recent work on some shop fascias here and talk through some of the techniques used.

The luxury skincare brand Argentum commissioned me to create 6 huge window displays in their flagship Notting Hill store in London. Pictured below are some examples of the window writing, this was hand painted on the inside of the glass with black outlined lettering, and then water gilded with genuine silver leaf. The lovely owners asked for their brand slogans to be painted across all the curved windows. The finished result is such a beautiful piece of signwriting and silver gilding.

Another project recently commissioned was for the lovely Ellie at Bloom in Royston, this was a full shop signage project, with the front awning, the side of the building and an inside wall mural plus sign all completed within a week. I worked up on a scaffold tower to paint the large scale exterior mural onto the side of the brick building, and then hand lettered the wooden awning to the front with the shop information. The inside signage was hand painted and oil gilded with genuine 23ct gold leaf creating high quality signage. The interior shop wall mural was painted to reflect the branding and is a centrepiece as you walk through the doors.

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