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Home decor inspo - the best Instagram home accounts to follow for epic wall art and gallery walls

Ever found yourself in a three-hour long instagram binge trying to find home inspo? We’ve all been there. And isn’t it so frustrating when you see they have an epic print or poster and you can’t find out where it’s from?! Instagram is incredible for home accounts, but how do you find ones which are right up your street? And how do you find those amazing gallery wall pieces?

Thats where i come in. I’m Carlie, owner of Buck & Bear, i’m a Cambridgeshire based artist and I run my business almost solely through Instagram, this means i’ve been part of the interior community on the ‘gram for quite a while now, and I come across amazing new home accounts on the daily. But some will always be my go-to for proper amazing home inspo, and those are the ones i’m about to share with you.

Since it was International Women’s Day this week my list consists of the best women-lead, creative home insta accounts that I love, and let’s be honest, when it comes to home styling, us gals do it best.

So if you’re all about colourful walls and quirky artwork, then here’s my best Instagram home accounts to follow for epic wall art and gallery wall inspo.

Pictured above: Kate Rose Morgan on Instagram, beautiful pink styled home

Best for: Pink home decor ideas

Kate Rose Morgan’s home is a pink lover’s dream, she has styled every room so beautifully and features gallery walls and colourful art prints all around, often mixing colours, styles and frames, but my god it works. I was lucky enough to work on a collaboration with Kate (centre photo 'You look good' sign) and she’s just the kindest soul on insta - give her a follow guys, you will not be disappointed.

Pictured above: Lily's gorgeous home account of @layered.home, teaming dark decor with beautiful art

Best for: quirky home decor

Lily’s home is so creative, she uses art in almost every room, featuring large art pieces and neon signs throughout with bright walls and painted ceilings. And she’s super helpful if you’re thinking of creating and building an Instagram home account. I’m a little obsessed with all her home signs dotted around too.

Best for: Gallery wall inspo, prints and posters

Check out Sophia’s living room, oh my god it’s one of the most gorgeous i’ve seen on insta, she has so many wall art posters and always tags each product which is so helpful when you’re trying to shop for art on Instagram. If you need proper gallery wall inspo then i 100% recommend this account! Sophia’s also a co-host for @colourfulhomevibe along with Charlotte (below) and Kate (top on the list), which is a juicy account for finding new home interior ideas.

Pictured above: Sophia's colourful gallery wall inspo

Pictured above: Charlotte's home at @wiltshirewonderland with her stunning wall art prints

Best for: Colourful creative home

Charlotte at wiltshirewonderland is a self-proclaimed ‘lover of colour’, she’s amazing at choosing cute home decor and putting colours together to create bold rooms. Her bathroom is one of the best i've seen on insta, she has the cutest pink pantry and she painted her fridge PINK - need i say more? Follow follow follow! Her pink wall art is so pretty, and the ‘girls girls girls’ poster has to be my fav.

Best for: quote wall art and hallway gallery wall

Charlie’s gallery wall up the stairs on a navy wall is so on-trend and full of great quote artwork. The rest of her gorgeous home is styled with pale pastels, bold colours and an epic polka dot kitchen with a sick pink neon sign ‘A little party never killed nobody’. (I also painted that quote recently…great minds and all that). Check out a sneaky feature of my ‘Don’t be a lady, be a legend’ poster in her gallery wall too.

Pictured above: Stair gallery wall inspo from Charlie

Best for: DIY home inspo and on-trend home interior

I had to feature the creative DIY home queen herself, Tara at @ourlayeredhome - a totally stunning coloured home and always shares her creative DIY projects and interior styling tips.

Pictured right: Gorgeous living room and artwork shelf from @ourlayeredhome

Pictured above: Amber's bright, colourful home

Best for: colourful wall art and a good laugh

I don’t even know where to begin with Amber, just follow her, and thank me later! Her daily stories just crack me up, she never takes herself too seriously and is all about honesty, her home is so colourful and full of modern art prints in every room.

There are so so many more that i could feature, and maybe that’s for another blog, but for now those are my fav insta home accounts to follow if you love a bit of colour and are after finding out where to buy new wall art online.

...And then of course there’s little old me, in my studio in Cambridgeshire creating seriously cool wall art for home lovers all over the UK. Always happy to have a chat about interiors and bespoke wall art. A quick little overview on Buck & Bear: I started my design studio over two years ago and have since been lucky enough to produce artwork for a Channel 4 interiors show (airing later this year - exciting!), and the beautiful Samantha Faiers (The Mummy Diaries, TOWIE). I hand paint signs on the back of glass and use a technique called gilding, which is using 23.5ct gold leaf. Take a look at my insta where i post a lot of process and behind the scenes goodies for you daily x

P.s a huge shout out to Studio Cotton for all their amazing content on helping small businesses write blogs and SEO, reading through gave me the confidence to write this first blog! Eek!

Instagram: @bucknbeardesign


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